My Fun Finance Storybook

My Fun Finance Storybook

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Many adults have made terrible money mistakes that they would never wish to see their children repeat. Sadly, they do not take any concrete step to ensure that this does not happen or, at least, reduce the recurrence to the barest minimum.  Every parent wishes and prays for the best for their children, making most overprotective and raising children who grow up without some necessary experiences that would help them face their lives outside their parents’ protective shelter. So when faced with some crucial and basic decisions, such as financial decisions, they falter and then make those same mistakes that their parents were trying to protect them from. Then as adults these same children in turn raise over protected children and so continues the vicious cycle.

But exposure and experience are necessary in learning and without these teaching your children about how to manage their finances will remain a mirage, an unattainable feat, and wishful thinking. It is for this specific reason that My Fun Finance Storybook was written.

A collection of 10 easy-to-read, didactic stories set in our rich African context that cut across most areas of financial planning, My Fun Finance Storybook written Ukot Umezinne and Omagbitse Barrow is designed to expose children between the ages of 7-12 to important financial literacy subjects such as entrepreneurship, saving, investment, and insurance. It is also aimed at coaching adults on how to assign tasks that require financial management to children and watch them learn valuable money lessons while executing these tasks.

Ideal to be read at home, schools and after school club activities, this book as well as our Fun Finance Board Game and 110 Money Facts You Should Know will empower children to

  • get a firm foundation in Financial Literacy;

  • adopt a financial culture that will help them as they leave home;

  • acquire necessary financial literacy skills - how to earn, spend, save, and invest - that would help them now and in the future;

  • aspire to become employers of labour .

Have them learn along with Tunde, Akan, Omo, Halima, and the others in this excellent collection of stories that teach important financial literacy lessons in a way that is entertaining and easy-to-understand.

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